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Losing 50lb at 50

I started 2010 weighing 250lb or 17st 12lb in real money giving me a BMI of 30.4 which make me just "obese" in medical terms. So my aim for 2010 is to lose 50lb bringing me down to 14st 4lb and a BMI of 24.3.

I shall be weighing myself every few days and logging it so the chart below should build up over the year1. The lilac line is my target, red is actual, so my aim is to keep the red line on or below the lilac2.

  1. It's worth noting up front that my weight tends to "jitter" quite a lot, and although I weigh myself in the same state at the same time of day my weight can vary by 2-3lb. Given that I'm expecting to lose only 1lb per week I'm expecting to see some sharp falls ... and then rises again. The chart software is currently plotting 3 days averages which should help a bit, although not so much at the front edge.
  2. The faint grey horizontal lines are 17, 16 and 15 stone and the even fainter ones are for the half stones, all for we old fuddy duddies.
50 at 50:
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