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I'm going to be doing lots of walking in Scotland in 2010. I have thought about 44 Munro summit camps, being my age next birthday, but that'll be pretty tricky to find that many summits, or near summits, that are suitable. Not forgetting the fickle weather up there of course.

So I will just go for a walk or rather more. Hopefully much of the spring and summer. I intend to start easy. Get my confidence back by doing day walks with SYHA's as bases. Then maybe start to add in some overnighters, and multi-day trips out, for as long as I'm able. I'll coordinate as much as possible with Paul's trips to Scotland, and no doubt I'll have Jake to look after whilst he's away.

Medical stuff takes priority of course. However it's not going to get in the way this year. I've had enough of that happening this year. Walks and hospital appointment will be worked around each other.

If you want to join me at some point, contact me.

Tags: crohn's, medical, munro, outdoor, scotland, wildcamping Written 06/12/09 

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