Nearly Cruach Ardrain, 2010-04-07

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The weather forecast was for 25mph winds gusting 35mph, from the north west. I figured I would go for a walk and see what happened.

The day started lovely. Ben More looked particularly spectacular from the Community Woodland.

And looking back towards Crianlarich from the woods seemed alright. Little did I know quite what a bogfest I was about to encounter.

Once through the bog amongst the trees and up on Grey Height the ridge twists and undulates, sometimes rocky, sometimes a little wet.

Crianlarich looking rather small.

Along the ridge to Meall Dhamh, with Cruach Ardrain's summit in the cloud.

To the west, An Caisteal and the deep Corie Earb with River Falloch along the bottom.

The view back along the ridge.

Not far to go now...

...but look out behind you!

That nasty looking cloud dumped 2 inches of fresh hail and snow on the tops in just 10 minutes. I had got to the west top and took shelter from the north west gale, and looked longingly at the east top, the 'real' top, but decided to decend. I really didn't like how everything was turning white at such a rapid rate. It was disappointing to get so close and yet so far. Of course, another 10 minutes saw it clear but I didn't know that it would at the time.

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