Ben Chonzie, 2010-04-10

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Ben Chonzie is apparently pronounced Ben-Y-Hone, by the locals. Others pronounce it Ben Honzie. Whatever! It was a good walk up a hill.

There are some interesting coires and crags about the scenery.

As well as the odd dam.

Where are we going?... it's up there! The track was okay, but higher up it got progressively more rocky with the odd snow patch thrown in for interest.

As I gained height the views opened out to the distinctive Crianlarich hills of Ben More and Stob Binnein despite the smoke in the air from the estates burning the old grass and heather.

At the summit you can look down on the Loch Turret reservoir.

Navigation is pretty easy, it's up the track and follow the fence!

Okay it's not quite that simple, it could be tricky in mist.

And the views are just great.

I took a few more photos of the views as I descended the way I'd come up.

Ben More, again, in the distance.

The track down.

Not the most inspiring climb but it was a few hours on the hill. Oh!, and I didn't see any of the hares that this one if famous for. However I met a chap who's dog found many of them to chase as they came up from the reservoir.

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