Beinn Ghlas

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I parked at the Lawers visitor centre, now decaying slowly, and trudged up through an even more depressing 'nature reserve'. Vowing next time I'll start off elsewhere!

A family were just a head of me taking a break as I got out on to the open hillside. Mother apologised for them disturbing my solitude! I said I didn't mind, we'd probably meet again I was slow today. I just didn't have any energy whatsoever. Thanks Crohn's. It's nice seeing folk enjoying the mountains.

Plodding up onto the ridge towards Beinn Ghlas I was very slow. Ah, but the tortoise managed to catch the young hares a couple of times. So actually, given how I felt I was very pleased.

And the views behind me were great. Ben More and Stob Binnien in the distance, as usual.

The summit is up there somewhere!

I had planned a much bigger day. I wanted to go on to Ben Lawers and come back over Meall Corraniach. So after admiring Lawers itself...

and looking into the glen/coire over the summit cairn

... I went exploring.

The ridge heading down vaguely towards Tombreck looked interesting.

And it gave good views of the snow patches still around.

Nice view of Beinn Ghlas summit.

I tried to be creative with the camera remote control, but with the sun in it's eyes the camera would only trigger the shutter if I was just 6ft away. Bah humbug!

So I yomped down some steep grass slopes into Coire A'Chonnaidh.

And was careful around the flora!

It was lovely and quiet contouring around in the coire, no people, just the breeze, the burns, and the odd fauna.

I made my way back through the wee crags to the main ascent route and civilisation. It wasn't the greatest of adventures but in the circ's it would do.

Tags: munro, outdoor, walkabout 2010 Written 21/04/10 

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