Bynack More and Bynack Beag

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Parking up at the end of the road near Glenmore Lodge I thought I recognise that van, it's Mr Walkhighlands. Didn't see Paul out on the hill though I did look.

The track through the Pass of Ryvoan is fabulous. I love the lichens on the trees and have spent far too much time previously stopping to take photos. This time I had a different mission. Bynack More is a fair way for me, 10km, with a good bit of ascent too, and rough rocky tracks to negotiate.

I made a quick stop at the green lochan for a snapshot. An Lochan Uaine. It really is that colour.

I turned right as the track forks and headed along east for a short bit as it skirts Creag nan Gall, before turning south east for the now erased Bynack Stable.

Looking back Ryvoan bothy stands below Meall a Bhuachaille.

On went the sunnies, it was going to be a very warm day.

I crossed the now alone bridge, no stable for company here.

The Land Rover track ends, and the path begins. So does the climbing! Bynack more on the horizon.

To my right is Strath Nethy.

Ahead a gently rising ridge...

...onto a plateau with the barely noticeable 818m top.

Bynack More's north ridge looks intimidating but isn't too bad at all. The worst bit is the loose eroded bit at the bottom which turns more rocky as you climb.

Looking back at the 818m top!

From up high you can see the Fords of Avon path crossing the peaty ground of Coire Odhar.

The ridge continues.

Middle of the gorms.

And then it I'm at the top and looking down on the Barns of Bynack. I didn't visit them this time, left so as I have something new to see next time.

Cheesy photo of me by the cairn.

After a bit of lunch I fancied heading over to Bynack Beag, I could then traverse off it round the head of Allt a' Choire Dhuibh and make back for the 818m top again. So this is Bynack More from Bynack Beag.

I kept looking at the view to Cairn Gorm and friends.

Then it was time to start the long walk home. To find a few people before me had the same idea and there was a handy path.

And a wee patch of snow.

The col and Bynack Beag.

Trees in the Pass of Ryvoan, although I think of it as Glen More.

Another brilliant day to finish my trip with.

Tags: outdoor, scotland, walkabout 2010 Written 22/06/10 

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