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It's really been a horrible time these last few months. Breaking my foot was really the icing on the cake, a drunk f$%^wit's status Staffie out of control and an instant reaction which led me to 3 months in a lower leg cast I could have done without. No really. To be drip fed little, or wrong, information from the medical professionals supposedly looking after it... meant I was very grateful when Paul dragged my 'woe is me' sorry arse to the docs to deal with the depression that's been building a while. Happy drugs aren't really the answer but they do help. Being able to walk without lots of pain and a limp would be better however. Surgeon said foot will take a year for it to be anywhere near 'normal' again.

So some good news, because I don't like whining and whinging all the time, I got my first hearing aid yesterday morning. I originally went to Addenbrooke's at the beginning of last year for some tests and was offered an aid but thought at the time it wasn't for me. I was simply glad to know there wasn't anything untoward physically happening to my ears. I was just going deaf a little earlier than expected! Over the following year it became even more apparent that I was missing a lot of conversations and some people were very difficult to follow. I'd hear "cat" as "hat", or only the other day "werewolf" as "werewoow". As well as gradually loosing confidence on crossing the road that it was actually clear of traffic which was a very odd and slightly disturbing experience, when a sense you dont realise you are using lets you down. After some faffing about with lost letters and such I eventually got to see an Audiologist who gave me an aid for my left ear, the worst one.

What a difference it makes! Like night and day. Friday night in the Waggon and Horses was a pleasure again. I could hear what people were saying, and didn't lose big swathes of conversation. It was a miracle! Me thinks I'm looking forward to getting used to it and using it full time. Thank you our NHS, because I couldn't afford one otherwise.

Written 16/07/11 

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