Ingleton to Fawber

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I thought it was going to rain at some point during the day, showers were forecast, but it didn't and it was warm. Unfit from being laid up for 3 months meant I was slow not that I was bothered as I had all day, I was going to use as much of it as I needed.

I didn't really start in the middle of Ingleton but above the town on the edge of Storrs Common at Fell Lane. It's the access track for the farm at Crina Bottom - what a cracking location way above the town in the middle of nowhere. Probably no mains supplies of any sort, but then no bills either! perhaps. The lane is hemmed in with high dry stone walls on either side between the lower and upper field boundaries.

Looking down to Ingleton from the start.

Jessie walled in, wondering where we are off to?

Ah yes there it is, Ingleborough, up that path!

The farm at Crina Bottom.

Whilst not the most popular route this must be getting enough traffic to warrant the mammoth effort of building a proper stone path. I'd still love to live at the farm, which is hiding in the clump of trees.

Jessie cooling off.

And Ravens wheeling above Limestone load.

Taking another break.

Ingleborough wasn't too busy, you could still find a quiet spot on the summit plateau if you wanted to. We found a space in the 'X' shelter and ate our lunch while watching the world go by. Including the odd pair of polka dot wellies - cant be the most comfortable footwear to climb a hill! Whatever. Jessie was very good and didn't hassle anyone for food or fuss.

Simon Fell Breast and the way home.

In the mist and haze Penyghent lurks.

I had a bit of a struggle getting Jessie over the ladder stile into the highest field. She couldn't climb it and every time I tried to lift her up she sat or laid down so I couldn't get my arms under her. We must have been messing about for at least 20 minutes before I managed it. And then it was touch and go whether I had the strength to lift her high enough. Unceremoniously I shoved her on to the platform and made sure she didn't turn around but jumped off the other side. She sulked for while but I didn't care I was completely out of energy. We both must lose weight!

The cross roads amongst the limestone pavement above Sulber.

Fawber is visible across Ribblesdale easily located by the mown field showing up in a lighter green at the centre.

We made it back to the farmhouse pretty much in the predicted time. The drag up the Pennine Way from Horton was horrible, and there was no way I could lift Jessie onto the stile at Sell Gill barn so I with mobile coverage I gave Paul a call to come up and help. A justifiable cheat I thought after all we'd done the hard part, the walking!

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