New Year Resolutions

Well here is 2015. I don't usually do new year resolutions as I always break them. Perhaps, tho, it is time to change that and try to write some down. If only as a reminder for myself.

  • Stay in ketosis for as long as it's still doing me good. No cheating.

  • Loose a little bit more weight to somewhere around 130lbs.

  • Reduce Humira injections from 16 to 21 days and beyond with a view to coming off entirely.

  • Read more.
  • Write more.
  • Take more photos, and think about them rather than go: oh well that didn't work.
  • Spend less time faffing about mindlessly on t'interwebs.

Is that enough for now. We'll see.

Tags: wibble Written 01/01/15 

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