Navigation Course, Wed 24th Sept 08

Climbed by year and month


You have climbed 93/282 munros.

We were dropped off at the old Ciste car park. The place looked really sad with piles of rusting metal work.

At the far end is a path, we took it heading for Lochan na Beinne. We used the Harvey's Cairngorm 1:25000 map and were introduced to it's 'form contours' feature. Very useful.

More navigation exercises took us to Stac Na H Lolaire, Maim suim, and Creag nan Gall. We had some fun dropping off the last hill down to the Glenmore Lodge path as John decided he knew where we were and led us the wrong side of a burn. Nathan refused to confirm we were where we thought we were... Maybe he didn't know.

At some point there was a great little incident. We'd been bog and heather hopping up and down slope and we were all visibly tired. So I said something like 'was that hard work... or am I a wimp'. Our leader looked at me slightly confused. Maybe he parsed it as something else. He looked away and carried on. Simon mimed 'it's gone over his head - whoosh!'. You had to be there.

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