5x12 pentomino tiling

Sony FE 70-200mm f/4 G OSS

Much as I love the Minolta MD 70-210mm f/4 I have always struggled with a bit. The fundamental issues are that there's no in lens stabilization (not such a problem now with the Sony α7II with its IBIS) and a lot of the time with fast moving subjects which you tend to be after with this sort of lens you really want auto-focus.

So I kept looking at this lens. It was expensive, a lot more so than these lovely cheap older lenses, but it was a good solution.

In the end I picked up a copy for £999.99. Gack.

Stag found just south of Kylesku

But, to be fair, it does take a very fine photo, and fast too. This one for example was taken by creeping up a hill until the stag came into view and then snapping away before it could work out whether I was a threat or not.

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FPTP Elections Suck

Having wibbled on about how we ran our general election campaign it's perhaps time to talk about why the whole thing sucks and the biggest issue here is First Past The Post (FPTP).  read more ...

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