5x12 pentomino tiling

Sony FE 70-200mm f/4 G OSS

Much as I love the Minolta MD 70-210mm f/4 I have always struggled with a bit. The fundamental issues are that there's no in lens stabilization (not such a problem now with the Sony α7II with its IBIS) and a lot of the time with fast moving subjects which you tend to be after with this sort of lens you really want auto-focus.

So I kept looking at this lens. It was expensive, a lot more so than these lovely cheap older lenses, but it was a good solution.

In the end I picked up a copy for £999.99. Gack.

Stag found just south of Kylesku

But, to be fair, it does take a very fine photo, and fast too. This one for example was taken by creeping up a hill until the stag came into view and then snapping away before it could work out whether I was a threat or not.

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Rules of the Yellow Car Game

I first came across The Yellow Car Game while listening to John Finnemore's Cabin Pressure, a quite excellent Radio 4 sit com which I heartily recommend, and which starred John, Roger Allam, Stephanie Cole, and Benedict Cumberbatch.  read more ...

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