Witches in Milton?

I'd previously heard rumours of a coven in Milton but never took it very seriously. However one Saturday morning in February 1999 walking across the green by the war memorial on the corner of Coles Road and Fen Road I came across this red earthenware pot.

There it, on the right, at the foot of the tree. The tree is a horse chestnut, which was planted by the Parish Council, and it's about 25 years old.

Inside the pot was a ball of dough (it looked like granary), and there was thin white string tied round and round the neck of the pot. The rim was broken. You can see some close ups below.

I asked around about this and the consensus seemed to be that it was an offering to nature by white witches. They're usually found at the foot of old trees or other natural features, like waterfalls. I guess this is the nearest thing they could find to an old tree!

The pot stayed there and over the next few days it was broken up. The last time I looked shard remained scattered around, although the dough had long since gone.

Pot under a tree

Pot close up 1 Pot close up 2