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Some background information for those who weren't at the meeting where we discussed this response: WLP section 4.7.1 indicates two incinerators are required if they go for "Scenario 3" which includes the use of Energy From Waste plants (aka incinerators). All the other major waste management facilities designated as possible sites for incinerators are near Peterborough. The only one in the south of the county is the AWA sewage works site. Therefore, if the WLP goes unchallenged, the chances of us getting an incinerator of some sort of this site are very high.

We are required to comment or object section by section. This is the final draft of our responses, as agreed at parish council on 2nd October.

4.6 Do We Need More Landfill Capacity?

We note with concern the information we gained from our meeting with County Council officers that the figures in paragraph 4.6.1 for existing land fill capacity include the remaining capacity of the Milton Land Fill site (2.5 million m3). We would remind the County Council that the permission for this site runs out in 2003 and at the current fill rate there is no way that this will be used by then.

It's clear to us that the WLP takes it as given that the current application for an extension to the life of the land fill site will be approved by the County Council. We object strongly to that assumption, which to our mind suggests that the County Council has already made up its mind to accept the application, regardless of any objections from Milton PC or other interested bodies.

WLP17 - Major Waste Management Facilities

The Waste Local Plan (Deposit) has a new site added, namely the Anglian Water Site, Cowley Road (WLP7(m)), which wasn't in the Consultation Draft of the Waste Local Plan.

We object to the inclusion of this site as a Major Waste Management Facility for the following reasons:

WLP17 - Major Waste Management Facilities

Milton Land Fill Site is not designated as a Major Waste Management Facility under the WLP so the only development on there mandated by the WLP would be the completion of the land filling. We suspect there may be pressure from the current owners of this site to have the Milton Land Fill Site included as a Major Waste Management Facility, allowing uses other than those currently permitted. We would be strongly opposed to any such use for the following reasons:

  1. It would be contrary to WLP8 (Green Belt). The land fill site is in the Green Belt and WLP8 para 7.8.2 says that "Waste management facilities are not cited as appropriate development within the Green Belt and only in exceptional circumstances might permission be given". It also says in 7.8.3 that "[as] the primary aim [of land filling in the Green Belt] is to bringing green belt land back into a beneficial after-use, and the landfill operation is purely [temporary] the WPA would not wish to see the life of such operations unduly prolonged".
  2. It would be contrary to WLP9 (Protecting Surrounding Uses). Any further development on the site will have an adverse impact on our community and on our recreational use of the restored land fill site, which we expect to be agreed as part of the extension of the permission on the site.
  3. Any development of a Major Waste Management Facility at the existing household waste point on the site would also be less than 250m from houses within the parish.

    Appendix - Responses From Other Parties

    We have been given copies of the responses by other parties. These included:

    Villager, Townsend Close Opposed energy from waste because of pollution hazards
    Villager, High Street Opposed energy from waste because of greenhouse gas emissions, advocated re-cycling, also objected to "yet another method of rubbish management sited near Milton". Stressed need to reduce inputs.
    Jones Lang Lasalle on behalf of Anglian Water Services Opposing use of AWA site because it would be incompatible with use of the site and surrounding sites for development within the Northern Fringe.
    Donarbon Several modifications in line with their planning application
    Cambridge City Council Opposes energy from waste or any other proposal for AWA site which would preclude other developments in the Northern Fringe such as housing and offices. Also objecting on grounds of vehicles movements and health implications for residents of Cambridge.

    Supports energy from waste only as an alternative to land fill (ie it prefers re-cycling and re-use).

    Supports pyrolysis in preference to incineration.

    Supports extension of the life of the Milton land fill site (which isn't strictly part of the WLP, but is relevant) but their concern appears to be mainly to ensure the whole land fill capacity of the site is utilised and it's not shut prematurely.

    WS Atkins on behalf of Waste Recycling Group Opposes AWA site because of implications of Northern Fringe development and traffic issues.

    Wants Milton land fill site added to the list of Major Waste Management Facilities. Suggests "hypothetically" that aggregate recycling or larger scale composting" might be carried out there and that it should be allocated as a "future waste management site".

    Later on it says that it envisages Milton being used for activities including:

    • composting of municipal waste
    • composting of green waste
    • inert waste recovery
    • timber recycling
    • segregation of household recyclables (cans, plastics, newspapers)
    • transfer of residues from the above for final disposal or further treatment

    Talks about purpose designed waste reception and recycling facility buildings. Stresses the need to locate these at land fill sites rather than elsewhere.

    States that "assuming the Company is successful in obtaining the above planning permissions [eg the extension of the life of the Milton site] it will then be in a position to invest in further recycling/recovery facilities at [these sites]. It is on this basis that these representations have been framed".

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