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Yeah, the little bugger is back. Throat getting sorer again and I've got more of a cough. Got diddly squat done today. Spent a lot of time dozing on the sofa.  read more ...


There's currently stirring locally against the use of "green lanes" by 4x4s and other motor vehicles. Vicky Ford's blog is a good example. As a occasional green laner and a walker ...  read more ...


My local district council South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) is in the news again ...  read more ...


... quite literally. The bin collections in Milton have been crap this holiday period ...  read more ...


... because today's being quite something. ...  read more ...


My best mate Hugo was complaining that I wasn't wibbling much here lately so I'll make more effort.  read more ...


Here in Milton we have a Citi 2 bus service which runs into Cambridge on a ten minute periodicity during the day. ...  read more ...

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