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... I am in touch with my feminine side.                                                


Hobson Street in Cambridge is closed at the moment for emergency repairs after a sewer collapse. However the goods news is ...  read more ...


We went to the Wrestlers for lunch today, which was a struggle as I was really not very well, but this cheered me up in the queue ...  read more ...


Tim Dowling's column in yesterday's Guardian "Weekend" magazine explores the idea four hugs a day is the secret to a happy marriage. ...  read more ...


It was October and the Indians on a remote reservation asked their new Chief if the coming winter was going to be cold or mild. ...  read more ...


In the pub yesterday I mentioned that there had been mutterings about a national non-emergency number for the police ...  read more ...


Last Friday night after supper Beth had a hankering for pudding and we had nothing she fancied in the larder so I volunteered to walk ...  read more ...


Google's new browser is very smart ... this has some drawbacks as this posting seen somewhere on the Net shows:  read more ...


On second thoughts I've dumped the first paragraph of today's posting as a because, as we know, a blog is not a diary but here's some more to chew on.  read more ...


What does two times two equal? The answer depends on who you are:  read more ...

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