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I've been meaning to blog for a while now about the Google Chromecast that Beth bought me for my birthday and while I sit here and wait for our house file server to re-build its RAID-1 array it seems like a good time.  read more ...


Like most smartphone users who've been using the same platform for a while I've now pretty much run out of new things to install. But today a discovery of a neat thing which I thought I'd share as it solved a problem which other people might have too, if in a slightly different way.  read more ...


An article in The Register today made me realise that the annoying search widget which Google had inflicted on me in Android 4.n was rather more than I thought but was actually a Siri competitor.  read more ...


As I understand it when DARPA were first looking at what eventually became the Internet back in the early 60s making sure it was resilient was high on the list. It was still the cold war and having bits of the Net taken out by those pesky Russians was not on.  read more ...


I've long been of the opinion that people shouldn't be allowed any near Windows PC and yesterday's posting illustrates one of the (many) reasons why: it's far, far too easy to game people into getting their PC infected and/or abused.  read more ...


I'm typing this on my Android tablet ... well, typing is too generous a word: it implies I'm making rapid progress for a start, which I'm not. And that's down to my difficulty in finding a plausible touch screen keyboard. With Android you can replace what keyboard software the manufacturer has installed with your own (unlike iOS I gather).  read more ...


I remember the day I saw an iPad for the first time. It was on Waterbeach station and I was setting out on one of my "50 at 50" trips. Two young nerds were getting very excited over something and when I asked they showed me. And it was very cute: they had a "Winnie the Pooh" e-book open with full colour illustrations and they were scrolling through it. Touch screen, crisp graphics, page turn animations. Lovely.  read more ...

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