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Just a quick note as Google fodder: if you are using the excellent TTYtter but it's suddenly stopped working over the last couple of days this will be because Twitter are now only accepting SSL connections. Fix by using -ssl switch (or adding ssl=1 to your .ttytterrc file apparently, not tried that).


This is just some quick hints and links for Google to pick over as a result of my work today setting up DKIM signing on our server. Some background...  read more ...


An article in The Register today made me realise that the annoying search widget which Google had inflicted on me in Android 4.n was rather more than I thought but was actually a Siri competitor.  read more ...


I've wibbled on before about WalkLakes - the site Beth and I have created about walking in the Lake District. It's going pretty well. Beth's researched a lot of walks so we have good content both for that and lots of peripheral pages too so we are getting quite a respectable about of traffic now. Which is a good thing as that's how the site is going to make us money.  read more ...


You may remember me talking about OVIVO, a MVNO sitting on top of Vodafone whose model was to sell you a SIM for £15 and then give you 150 mins, 250 texts, and 500MB data a month for free in return for having to look at adverts for five seconds every ten five minutes while browsing.  read more ...


I used to be an avid reader but it's something I lost with my stroke. I've recently been trying, not for the first time, to read more more books and a combination of discoveries has helped.  read more ...


I've already mentioned that I was sailing down the east coast last weekend. We ended up on the Blackwater estuary as my chart makes clear and spent the night at the marina at Bradwell before heading over to Brightlingsea where we left Serenity tucked up until next weekend.  read more ...


Nokia 105 You may remember me mentioning that I have two phones now: an HTC Desire HD for taking photos and being a smart phone and a Nokia 100 (a very basic GPRS phone) as an actual phone. Well, a couple of days ago I was putting a wash on and, at the last minute, decided to add to the wash the shorts I had on.  read more ...


I'm aware of scams like this one but it's the first time I've seen it for real so I thought I'd post the text here so it gets picked up by search engines. This was sent to a mailing list I run. Luckily the list was BCCed so it got held for approval.  read more ...


As long time readers will know Beth and I use giffgaff SIMs in our main phones, and with good reason, their rates are hard to beat and, for us at least, since 95%+ of our mobile calls and texts are to each other the "unlimited free calls and text to other giffgaff users" makes it a no brainer.  read more ...

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