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I was pointed to this blog entry today putting the credit crunch bail out in the States in perspective alongside other big spends.  read more ...


Now this is the reality of the ID cards that we have to look forward to: over £30 to possess one, and a fine of up to £1,000 if you fail to let HMG know of changes to your details.  read more ...


I was going to do a follow up posting tonight about the weekend but today's news that the Government is dropping its plans for detaining suspects for 42 days without charge ...  read more ...


It's a real shame that it's taken so long but the Government are finally doing something right in relation to climate change. ...  read more ...


The following is my response to the Government consultation on ISPs being required to retain details of every email sent.  read more ...


Our company is a member of the Federation of Small Businesses and today I got an email from them asking me to contribute to a quick poll and pointed me to this page on their site.  read more ...


There's something about late evening phone calls. There's an edge to them even before you pick up the phone. ...  read more ...

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