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A long and tiring day today. It was rough in the night: the wind had turned to the East so the swell was coming into the harbour and that, along with the wind...  read more ...


We had decided on a trip to Edinburgh today so after another hearty breakfast at the Harbour Café we caught the bus to Berwick. ...  read more ...


By this morning we were covered with grit from the dock so we decided to move on rather than having a day in Berwick as we'd originally planned...  read more ...


Yesterday's adventure was from Blyth to Berwick. We got a fair wind for the first half of the journey so we were actually able to sail, which made a nice change...  read more ...


We're in the harbour at Berwick and we're completely knackered after a long hard sail today. More on that, and the "facilities" here, tomorrow.


Today's voyage was from Hartlepool to Blyth and had the added spice that Jenny had suggested I be skipper for the day. So I had to plan the route and then tell her what to do. ...  read more ...


We've had a day's rest today at Hartlepool. The marina is an impressive place. There's been a serious amount of regeneration around this dock with shops along one side ...  read more ...


Today's trip was from Scarborough to Hartlepool, where we now intend to stop for a day. In sailing terms it was another pretty dull day with very little wind ...  read more ...


Well this morning's plan was to sail to Bridlington and we set off at some ungodly hour in order to catch the tide. Sailing out of the Humber is quite exciting: lots of big cargo vessels going up and down a lot faster than us. It's like sailing on the Thames.  read more ...


I'm now on Serenity having had supper at a Pizza Hut in town. The area around the docks here is horribly run down. There's a mass of Victorian buildings ...  read more ...

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