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The lock on the river Cam near our village is called Baits Bite (for reasons which I can't remember right now). ...  read more ...


... quite literally. The bin collections in Milton have been crap this holiday period ...  read more ...


Here in Milton we have a Citi 2 bus service which runs into Cambridge on a ten minute periodicity during the day. ...  read more ...


I wouldn't normally indulge in cross advertising between the sites I run but ...  read more ...


Church Lane has the last cast street sign in our village, and this week it finally fell off its board in the rain ...  read more ...


The 17th century cottage next door to us is being re-thatched. You can see lots of pictures here.  read more ...


Last night's thunderstorm, at the end of a very hot day, gave me a chance to try taking pictures with my digital camera with a couple of good results. ...  read more ...

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