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As this cold snap comes to an end it's a bit of a strange time to be talking about ways of getting around on the ice ...  read more ...


The country park is a picture too. I took lots of photos there and this video:  read more ...


We bumped into some old friends of ours in the park today: Cassie and Mitch, along Flo with the newest member of their pack.  read more ...


My Panasonic TZ7 came today. I've spent far too long poring over camera specs trying to decide what "point and shot" to get next and in the end this was the one I went for.  read more ...


I spent some time today with some MBA students from the Judge Business School who are doing marketing plan for Milton Country Park as a project for their MBA. ...  read more ...


... and the sky is grey. I went for a walk, down to ... errr ... Milton Country Park....  read more ...


Beth's been watching Helicopter Heroes via BBC iPlayer for the last couple of weeks so it seems appropriate that we had a visit today. ...  read more ...

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