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When we first started out serving map tiles then, like a lot of people, we used GeoServer. But GeoServer is a lumbering beast of a Java application ...  read more ...


Long time readers of this blog (yes, both of you) may remember the struggles I had with DKIM, an anti-spam measure which breaks mailing lists. Today I bring you SPF which, it transpires, breaks mail forwarding.  read more ...


For a while now I've been wondering if I could set up an auto-responder for Facebook Messenger because although I use Facebook I don't, despite Facebook's determined attempts to make me, use Messenger. So when people do message me then, if I'm at home using my browser I do see their message. Eventually.  read more ...


This is just Google fodder so if you don't have an Android device, Linux and (possibly) a Pebble watch then you probably want to move on.  read more ...


I know a lot of people use it but I'm not a great fan of Facebook Messenger. I think part of the reason is that it's imposed upon you: if you use Facebook then, implicitly, you are using Messenger. I can find no way of saying "I don't use Messenger" and people assume you do. So they message you anyway. Sometimes about stuff that matters, and that's a problem.  read more ...


If you're coming to this fresh you need to read this article first which explains how it is that for some mailing lists we host I was having to re-write the From address so that mailman produces a mail that looks like this:  read more ...


My trusty old HP Laserjet HP2550L colour laser printer's drum is finally showing signs of coming to the end of its life. I've had this printer since I had a proper job before my stroke in 2002 so it's lasted me a long time and I'm pretty certain that this is the original drum so, as you can tell, it's only ever had light use.  read more ...

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