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I have a calendar which I use in place of the standard Google apps to access my Google Calendar. It's called Sunrise Calendar and they have a Chrome app (so it runs on both my Linux desktop and my Chromebook) and an Android app (phone and tablet, including as a widget).  read more ...


Just over six months after I bought and later returned my first Chromebook I'm back on the Google road again, this time with a Dell Chromebook 11" (2014). "Why now? Why that one?" you're asking yourself (well, you're probably not, but whatever, bear with me).  read more ...


At the weekend I bought another Chromebook (of which more later) from an eBay trader and yesterday he shipped it to me via Parcelforce Express 24. All well and good.  read more ...


Only a week after writing Chromebook, First Thoughts I find myself writing some closing thoughts on my Chromebook experience as the Lenovo n20p Google Chromebook went back to Google yesterday. The the discovery of a dead pixel (or pixels) on the lower right side of the screen which was the final straw.  read more ...


I'm writing this on my shiny new Lenovo n20p Google Chromebook, which I've now had for just over a week. Typing on it is something of a frustrating experience as the keyboard is, to put it mildly, not very good. The whole keyboard flexes when you press a key and unless you press positively it misses key presses. In fact it does even if you do.  read more ...

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