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I'm sure you're familiar with the "grandfather's axe" meme but my bike (the one I bought in summer 2016) is having a similar sort of journey.  read more ...


We had a cycle out today to visit the viewing tower in Culbin Forest which is next to the trig point on top of "Hill 99". Apparently it's called Hill 99 because it's 99ft above sea level, although on the OS map it's more prosaically show as 29m which 'units' believes is 95ft, but whatever.  read more ...


I have, I confess, being buying new toys. I blame Beth. Oh, and Amazon. You'll remember that a couple of weeks ago we cycled to the mouth of the Findhorn to see the seals. Beth was on her snazzy new fat bike and I was on my Marin San Rafael hybrid. ...  read more ...


Yesterday we were up early after a crappy night's sleep but the forecast was looking good and low tide was at 11am so we thought we'd go and see if we could find the seals which allegedly gather at the mouth of the River Findhorn at low tide.  read more ...

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