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New Fonts


I am, it has to be said, a bit obsessed with fonts and over the years I've collected a lot as many font designers give them away. But in the past I couldn't use them on web sites as you had to rely on the user's device having the fonts loaded...  read more ...

A Maze of Little Twisty Passages


Yesterday I ordered something on eBay. It was a very good price but I thought I'd just got lucky. Nope, it was a scammer. So at 3am today I get an email from eBay:  read more ...

Car Rentals Are Back


Almost seven years ago now in August 2009 I wrote a post here taking the piss out of Thrifty Car and Van Rental and, unsurprisingly, I'd forgotten all about it.

Until today.  read more ...

Facebook Messenger ... and Telegram


I know a lot of people use it but I'm not a great fan of Facebook Messenger. I think part of the reason is that it's imposed upon you: if you use Facebook then, implicitly, you are using Messenger. I can find no way of saying "I don't use Messenger" and people assume you do. So they message you anyway. Sometimes about stuff that matters, and that's a problem.  read more ...

Christmas Shopping


The Hug run a list server which hosts various lists both locally and nationally because it's the sort of thing we do for ourselves, our friends, our community and for organisations we support and, if you're reading this post, you may well be a subscriber to one or more of them.  read more ...

Shaping Your Place


I've wasted far too much time lately worrying about a web site which Cambridgeshire County Council is imposing on us called ShapeYourPlace which aims to be a "one stop shop" both for reporting issues within our community and for posting local news and events.  read more ...

Valuing a Domain


It's renewal time for opus.cx, the domain we use for our content management system and it's going to cost us about £41 for one year to renew, which is a bit steep. So I idly wondered what the domain was worth. ...  read more ...

Disabling onpaste


I was signing an e-petition on 'Get Britain Cycling' on the HM Government petitions this morning and, as is getting increasingly common, it asked me for my email address twice but I couldn't paste into the second instance.  read more ...

Why I'm No Longer a DMOZ Editor


You're probably not aware of DMOZ Open Directory Project but it was a valiant attempt to index the Web which, before the days of Wikipedia and Google's excellent search engine, made a lot sense. Their site has an about page which explains what they were trying to do.  read more ...

We Know Where You Live


I was on FixMyStreet today reporting a problem and I clicked on the "Your Reports" link which I'd never bothered doing before and this map appeared:  read more ...

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