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Before we moved up here I can remember watching a six part documentary on Police Scotland and what was striking was that, outwith the central belt, policing was very different to down south with a real community emphasis.  read more ...


With the upcoming local elections, you're probably going to get quite a few letters and leaflets through the post. Your first instinct might be to immediately bin them, but even if you do that, uploading it to electionleaflets.org would be good, for several reasons:  read more ...


In the light of last night's cruise missile attack on Syria it's worth pausing to read some of The Donald's tweets which seem particularly relevant today. These two for example:  read more ...


One of the things I noticed when we moved here is that the word "country" is far less clear cut then where we used to live. ...  read more ...


HMRC provide some software for small employer called Basic PAYE Tools (BPT) and it runs on Linux, which is cool as we're usually forgotten about.  read more ...


50/365 - Falls of Foyers

I wasn't great today so we went for a drive and chanced upon the Falls of Foyers. We've been to signposted waterfalls before and been disappointed but this one was quite something. Individual photos don't do justice to the size of the thing so this one is three landscape format photos stitched together vertically with hugin - look at the trees at the top.


Ever since I got my new PC I've been annoyed that although I had a sexy, fanless Nvidia card waiting to go in it I've not succeeded in getting the Nvidia drivers loaded. Instead Ubuntu kept loading the nouveau drivers.  read more ...


46/365 - Gemini Explorer

Beth's post to Facebook sums up our outing today:  read more ...


When we first started out serving map tiles then, like a lot of people, we used GeoServer. But GeoServer is a lumbering beast of a Java application ...  read more ...


43/365 - Findhorn Beach Huts

Unlike the Hopeman beach huts these ones are brand spanking new, being built this year and I believe some are still for sale. I'm slightly surprised they were allowed to build them at all but it has been very sympathetically and carefully done.  read more ...

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