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I had an experience yesterday which I've not stopped thinking about since so thought I'd share here. As a councillor I'm all too aware of the cost of living crisis and I've been to many meetings where it's been on the agenda, including some where it was the only item.  read more ...


As part of my migration away from Twitter to Mastodon I've had to re-work some of the integrations between that and my web pages.  read more ...


My Christmas present to me was a Master of Malt whisky advent calendar. So this was 24 30ml bottles of whisky for £119.95 so that's 720ml or about a bottle of whisky in total and for that price it seemed pretty reasonable to try so different whiskies.  read more ...


So today we asked for our final dedicated host at Bytemark to be decommissioned and this seems like a good time to wibble a bit about the rise and fall of that company.  read more ...


My mother Pat Oldham died peacefully at 2am today after a surprisingly rapid decline from being diagnosed last December with stage 4 renal cancer.  read more ...


It's the funeral of my uncle Derek this afternoon. I confess I didn't know him that well - he only came on the scene quite late in the day so I didn't grow up with him around - but it would have been good to have been there for his funeral as he was married to Margaret, my youngest aunt of whom I'm very fond.  read more ...


25 years ago today is the date Beth and I have deemed that we started going out. I say that as it's complicated. We met online, on the CIX BBS in the landrover conference, and so in 1996 we were early to discover the thing that people online have continued to find since: that long distance relationships are tricky. Beth lived in Ipswich, I lived 130 miles away in Yateley on the other side of London.  read more ...

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