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My niece and nephew, Rachel and Jamie, came to see us today along with their mom, my sister Ruth. ...  read more ...


Inspired by the celebration of my parent's 50th wedding anniversary and the photos of their wedding I've been looking around at genealogy software...  read more ...


Ooooh, I like some good gossip me. So I was amused to hear some from my mother today relating to the photos of their wedding which I put online on Tuesday. ...  read more ...


In yesterday's posting I forgot to post a photo of my parents today. It makes a nice comparison with fifty years ago. So here's two photos, one from their wedding, one taken fifty years later ...  read more ...


... my parents got married, and that's what we celebrated the Saturday before last. One of the highlights at that event was a folder of colour photos of the wedding which surprised me ...  read more ...


Today was Mom and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary so despite me still not feeling anything like recovered from this bloody virus we dragged ourselves down to the Basingstoke Country Hotel (actually just west of Hook) for a celebration lunch.  read more ...


My parents celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in a couple of months from now ...  read more ...


I've only known Beth for nine and a half years and you know I never like to rush things but ...  read more ...

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