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So, to summarise then: bull terrier attacks Jessie, Beth intervenes, is knocked over and breaks a metatarsal in her foot (we discover later). Meanwhile I'm about 100m away with Jack and hear Beth scream so come running back with Jack (probably a mistake in retrospect).  read more ...


I've just embarked on taking a new drug in an attempt to get my migraines under some sort of control (more about that here) and the notes that came with it say I may notice a "change in your mood or experience feelings of depression".  read more ...


After a long struggle the first public release of our mapping application, rewritten to use the Ordnance Survey's OpenSpace server is now online at last. As before it lets you browse the country using Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 scale maps and both create routes to download for use on your GPS and upload tracks from your GPS to see where you've been.  read more ...


The Swan Whisperer

Quite how Beth first managed to get the parent swan to come over and sit so very close to her while she took photos and then for the parent to be so unconcerned when the cygnets turned up too and got even closer I'm not sure, but it was quite a thing to watch.


As 2009 comes to an end I've been looking back over the last year. ...  read more ...


We bumped into some old friends of ours in the park today: Cassie and Mitch, along Flo with the newest member of their pack.  read more ...


And so, having finished our joint boating odyssey we move on swiftly to week two of our break.  read more ...


So after my somewhat foreshortened sailing trip what happened next you're asking?  read more ...


Beth got home from Scotland late last night after a week at Glenmore Lodge improving her navigation skills. ...  read more ...


Beth's been watching Helicopter Heroes via BBC iPlayer for the last couple of weeks so it seems appropriate that we had a visit today. ...  read more ...

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