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As this was a leap year this is my 365th blog for 2008 even though we're a day off the end of the year ...  read more ...


My brain has been thoroughly borked today so rather than me wibbling I shall abuse a fellow blogger's hard work ...  read more ...


One of the things offered by the Opus content management system which we use for this site is "referrer logging". ...  read more ...


... well after wibbling twice yesterday I'm short of words today. Probably a combination of too much cake and a wee tot of Cointreau, some alcohol free blue Curacao and rather more lemonade.  read more ...


I spent some time yesterday added the ability to tag articles in Opus so I'm now working through all my old posting tagging them ... this may take some time.


On second thoughts I've dumped the first paragraph of today's posting as a because, as we know, a blog is not a diary but here's some more to chew on.  read more ...


Well, today it's six months since I started blogging every day inspired, at least in part, by blog365 but Google Analytics suggests that no one's reading it...  read more ...

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