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What with my man cold and other events before Christmas and then Christmas itself I've not got much work done ...  read more ...


After having this domain hosted at UK Shells since the last millennium we've finally moved it today to our own server at Bytemark...  read more ...


Our little company doesn't take a lot of work to administer but once a year I have to spend a day doing the accounts and the annual return ...  read more ...


... well after wibbling twice yesterday I'm short of words today. Probably a combination of too much cake and a wee tot of Cointreau, some alcohol free blue Curacao and rather more lemonade.  read more ...


Monday went off with a bit of a bang today as in between trying to finish off a work project for the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies ...  read more ...


On the plus side we had an excellent supper (including organic Orkney smoked salmon) and watched Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway in Chinatown...  read more ...


I've really done quite a lot today including some admin so at least our company invoicing is up to date. Let's just hope I don't suffer for it tomorrow.

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