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Frülingsfest 2010

... and my pretzls get eaten, along with lots more from other bakers, pigs' knees, salads, sausages and roast chicken, sliced radish, gateau and lots more besides. Oh, and I think we might have drunk some bier too.


Haslet is once of those meats that's been around since my childhood. My mother used to buy it regularly and I rediscovered it when ...  read more ...


I've probably blethered on here before about how we do 90% of our food shopping via WaitroseDeliver and very good they are too...  read more ...


We popped into Tesco today after lunch to get some tissues (my nose is running like a tap at the moment) and some biscuits...  read more ...


We had a very pleasant day today exploring Norwich. It's the second time we've been but last time it was raining ...  read more ...


It's been a good food day today. We had lunch at the Wrestlers, and then we popped in the Continental Delicatessen on Chesterton Road...  read more ...


... another curry. Well, actually we had a pork/chicken pud thai for lunch but it was our third meal out in a row ...  read more ...


After last night's curry at the Golden Curry in Mill Road we were tempted to join the gang for a curry at Pipasha. This was a mistake.  read more ...


We bought some spotted dick from Waitrose last week. We hadn't had this before. It was branded "Aunty's" and came from Old Fashioned Foods ...  read more ...


We went to Leicester today. It was something of a serendipitous trip. We needed to get Dougal the Disco to Rogers of Bedford to have its head sorted out.  read more ...

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