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... and already it's not going well. In my defence I've not been well today. I went out for supper last night at the White Horse with the regular Sunday crew and, as is often the way after a chatty but enjoyable evening, I'm suffering for it today. Oh well, that's life: better that than stuck here in the house moping.  read more ...


This rare day, 29th February, is also Rare Disease Day, an international event to raise the profile of rare diseases and they've produced a rather fine video for it:  read more ...


So, I've been a little distracted for the last ten days of so by the aftermath of the dog incident. The current state of the nation is that Jack and I are off to the vet today ...  read more ...


I've just embarked on taking a new drug in an attempt to get my migraines under some sort of control (more about that here) and the notes that came with it say I may notice a "change in your mood or experience feelings of depression".  read more ...


So, while bored waiting for the man flu to go away I've been reading the instructions on these Strepsils Extra. They claim that the dose is one "every three hours as required" but goes on to say "Do not take more than 12 lozenges in any 24 hour period". Huh?  read more ...


I've been struck down by some sort of virus today. I felt vaguely sub-par yesterday but I was then woken up in the wee small hours today with a sore throat (thank goodness I still had some Strepsils left from last time)...  read more ...


So here we are in January and my migraine "cluster" is now lurching into month three which is a new record, even for me. Older readers will know that for me since my stroke migraines are like buses: they tend to come in a group ...  read more ...

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