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... well, driving you mad really. I've just spent most of the day wrestling with a peculiar problem interfacing with the latest version of the Ordnance Survey OpenSpace software after they claimed they couldn't re-produce my bug.  read more ...


I've been working on ways to render the maps we draw for our walks on WalkLakes which both avoids using the Ordnance Survey OpenSpace server and the licensing restrictions that implies and also reducing the data bandwidth involved, especially when displaying our walks on mobile devices.  read more ...


I have Google Latitude enabled in my phone, mainly so that Beth knows where I am, and periodically they email me and this time I actually paid attention when they said about having recorded where I'd been and wondered what they made of our trip to Scotland so I asked and here's the result:  read more ...


I've been struggling for some time now with the problem of calculating ascent and descent for a walk based on a GPX track (where you've been as recorded on a GPS) or route (where you intend to go).  read more ...


Long time readers of this blog will remember that back in July last year I got my mapping software working with Ordnance Survey's OpenSpace server and so our mapping site map.the-hug.net now uses OpenSpace.  read more ...


For a while now I've been looking around for an application which I could run on my phone which would let me update my location on my web site. There's several about that do this, including Google Maps Mobile, but they tend to cane your battery as the GPS is on all the time.  read more ...


I've not been at my best today so I've been on the sofa reading more of Mike Parker's Map Addict and in it he talks about how the cartographers occasionally like to leave their own tags on the map, just like graffiti artists.  read more ...

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