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Photo projects are all the rage these days. Some people, like my friend Paul, bravely set out to take a photo every day for a year but I'm still scarred by the memory of doing blog365 some years ago so I wasn't going to fall into that trap. So instead I thought I'd try for something a little less onerous and instead take at least one photo of everything that flowered in our back garden in 2014.  read more ...


Another Lens?!

Minolta MD Tele Rokkor 135mm F3.5 Yes, I've bought another lens. I am turning into a lens junky. But this one was steal. It's a Minolta MD Tele Rokkor 135mm F3.5 and it was on eBay at an opening bid of £14.99 plus £4.98 P&P. There are a lot of 135mm Minolta lens floating about on eBay at the moment. Most are the older MC spec rather than MD and of the MDs there are they come in two flavours: F2.8 and F3.5.  read more ...


Sigma 19mm F2.8 DN | A

My new prime lens for my Sony NEX-6 arrived yesterday. It's a Sigma 19mm F2.8 DN | A so in old money that's the equivalent of a 28.5mm lens on a film camera. So it's wide. It's also fast.  read more ...


The Legacy Continues

Having played with Beth's lens my own "legacy" lens arrived on Friday. It's a Minolta MC.W Rokkor 35mm f/2.8 so that's equivalent to a 52.5mm on a 35mm full frame - pretty close to the standard 50mm kit lens that most SLR film cameras came with. Here's a photo from my first play with it.  read more ...


Legacy Can Be Good

One of the joys of the current crop of mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras like the Sony NEX-3N and NEX-6 which Beth and I use now is that because the sensor is so close to the lens mount you can use old SLR lens on them with the aid of a cheap conversion shim. This opens up all sorts of possibilities as there's a lot of great lens out there from the still very expensive to the remarkably cheap.  read more ...


So the Google Chromecast that Beth bought me for my birthday has been fun. On Netflix I've now watched seasons 1 to 4 of The Good Wife (some of which I'd seen before, especially the later episodes, but not the earlier seasons) and I'm now trying House of Cards but to be honest ...  read more ...


I've been meaning to blog for a while now about the Google Chromecast that Beth bought me for my birthday and while I sit here and wait for our house file server to re-build its RAID-1 array it seems like a good time.  read more ...


Tonight I was lamenting to Beth, yet again, the sad demise of Google Latitude and the feature I liked best, its location history. Although Google did resurrect a similar friend finder facility in Google+, now called Google+ Location it's only accessible from your phone, not from your PC, and it only seemed to be real time.  read more ...


Before I forget a few words in praise of MPB Photographic. I bought my D5100 body and my 18-200mm zoom from them last year in two separate transactions. Each time they used DPD UK for delivery who impressed me by delivering promptly in the one hour window specified and each item was exactly as described by MPB.  read more ...


Having sung the praises of the NEX-6 we now move on to the down sides and the biggest so far has been the failed promise of WiFi and the App Store, neither of which have delivered.  read more ...

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