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I've wasted far too much time lately worrying about a web site which Cambridgeshire County Council is imposing on us called ShapeYourPlace which aims to be a "one stop shop" both for reporting issues within our community and for posting local news and events.  read more ...


Yarn Bombing

I've posted elsewhere about the knitted/crocheted stuff that's adorning street furniture and trees all over Cambridge but I see it's creeping out into the villages and Milton now has some.

Made me smile anyway.


Ah, the joys of rail franchises. They're planning a new "Cambridge Science Park" (really Cambridge North) railway station which will be a lot easier for me to get to on foot or bike than Waterbeach, the next station north of here. I went to a public meeting about it tonight and asked a question.  read more ...


Today I finally got around to revealing the Milton Photo Archive to the world, something I spent a lot of time working on the last time Beth was away researching walks for WalkLakes.  read more ...


I bought a "Willow Farm" chicken from Milton Tesco yesterday. Today Beth got it out of the fridge to roast it and got suspicious about the weight so she put it on our scales.  read more ...


Monochrome World

This photo of Deep Pool in Milton Country Park really is a colour image, despite appearances - the world really is that monochrome today. And yes, it is a stacked image. More photos from today here.


All Saints' in Sun and Shade

The sun was out this October Sunday and so was I with the EX1 looking for a photo. I took this one earlier but there was a car in the way so I went back an hour later and took it again. ...  read more ...


Over The Fence

You can blame Chris Thomas for this one. I went to see his Cambridge Open Studios exhibition this morning and he asked me how my photography was going. I confessed I'd hardly taken anything lately. Later I was wandering around the back garden taking photos of flowers (yawn) and saw this instead. I didn't think it had worked but the out of focus fence makes it I think.


Sunrise over Milton

Sometimes you just get lucky and even a crappy camera phone takes a good enough picture.


When I last wibbled about ebooks I did finish by saying that it wasn't all bad news and I would try to write something about the positives. So here's some of them:  read more ...

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