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After yesterday when I got bugger all done today I was inspired and upgraded our company web site. ...  read more ...


An old friend and ex-customer turned up today for lunch at very short notice. ...  read more ...


Today was my first "working day" of the year, although in fact I did some work yesterday ...  read more ...


I see it's three weeks since my last confession posting - so much for posting here more often.  read more ...


I've been a busy boy over the last three months, working away fairly frantically (in as much as I do frantic these days, which isn't very to be honest) at a number of web sites. Some I can tell you about, some I can't.  read more ...


If you read my article about TV licensing you will know I've had a little spat with them this Autumn ...  read more ...


E-Commerce Awards 2002 Our first customer web site, HARP: Help & Advice For Relatives of Prisoners has won an award in a Government competition. It come second in the Eastern Region, Voluntary & Community category of UK Online for Business' E-Commerce Awards, winning the Highly Commended award.
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