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Our parish church in Milton is All Saints'. It's a nice little church, very old, bits of it are 13th century...  read more ...


Hobson Street in Cambridge is closed at the moment for emergency repairs after a sewer collapse. However the goods news is ...  read more ...


Over on virginmedia.feedback I asked if they could fix a missing apostrophe. This is one of the replies I got:  read more ...


If you try to sign in to Virgin Media's ebilling with cookies disabled you get a popup saying you need cookies enabled in order to do this ...  read more ...


What little spam that manages to get through our mail filters often has a text/plain part which is just random words, ...  read more ...


Beth and I have both recently bought a pair of black Trezeta boots from Mark at Simpers. Very geeky, very comfy. ...  read more ...

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