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Cough not quite so bad today but I've still got the throat. I've also been deserted as Beth has gone off to do the West Highland Way with C~N~Do. ...  read more ...


Crappy day today. Up at 5am because I couldn't sleep and was worried that my coughing would wake Beth too. Then came over odd as is my way ...  read more ...


Migraine this morning. First proper one this year. After one, repeat one, pint of beer last night. ...  read more ...


We watched Touching the Void last week. It's a docu-drama about Joe Simpson and Simon Yates' attempt to climb Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes in 1985 and what happened after they succeeded. ...  read more ...


Well, the promised DVD did come. The movie was Imagine Me & You a low budget british movie by a first time director. It's a rom com ...  read more ...


I had an amusing email yesterday which I can't resist sharing (I've removed the name of the movie to which it refers):  read more ...


Last night Beth and I went to see Kissing Jessica Stein at Cambridge Warners. ...  read more ...

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