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It's been a bit of bitty day today, not least because the wind has been a bit wicked again. We drove to Bunnahabhain to look at the distillery ...  read more ...


It's been very windy here and we've been getting a bit pissed off with camping so we agreed to investigate going self catering somewhere on Mull next week. ...  read more ...


Well, as predicted the airbed search was a difficult. We ended up with a new single airbed so we've tried to convert the existing double to a single with duck tape. Whether this will work I'll find out in an hour or so.  read more ...


... was not a good day. But we did have scotch pancakes for lunch.                                        


More snow was forecast for last night and people were questioning whether it was actually going to happen. The wind has dropped by bedtime and there seemed to be little more weather to come. This morning however ...  read more ...


I got up at 5am today for to go to the loo (which for us boys means going outside and finding a bit of dry stone wall) to find that more snow had come down in the night. Not a huge amount ...  read more ...


... another crap night's sleep. Then took delivery of 36 bottles of alcohol free beer, watched Alizée on YouTube, drove over to Fulbourn and placed big meat order with the butcher, bought four way car extension lead from Maplin, ...  read more ...



You know that essay you had to write at school "how I spent my holidays"? Well what follows is one of those - it's "how we spent Good Friday". ...  read more ...


We made our first sausages today. For a long time now I've been looking for sausages like McCarthy's butcher used to make ...  read more ...


If you do then you'll like the cooking instructions on this shoulder of Welsh lamb we bought from Sainsbury's.  read more ...

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