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Yesterday Thomas Tallis: The Complete Works finally arrived on the doormat. ...  read more ...


It's been a funny day: the morning and half the afternoon written off by a migraine, a random visit to Tesco yielded Johnny Cash "The Collection" for £1 ...  read more ...


I love presents. And this morning I got:  read more ...



A welsh band called Sal have won the competition for a theme song for the new James Bond book Devil May Care (by Sebastian Faulks, writing as Ian Fleming, out imminently). The song is rather fine ...  read more ...


... another crap night's sleep. Then took delivery of 36 bottles of alcohol free beer, watched Alizée on YouTube, drove over to Fulbourn and placed big meat order with the butcher, bought four way car extension lead from Maplin, ...  read more ...


... came this morning from Amazon. Kate Bush at her barking best. ...  read more ...

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