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Of a what? Well, before you continue to read this posting I'd like you to pause and ask yourself how you spell the D word which is coming next ...  read more ...


I rather ignored this movie when it came out as it got so universally panned, not least by Mark Kermode (of which more in a minute) but it's come back into my consciousness over the last couple of days.  read more ...


I'll be posting something later about how I got to Shetland and home again but I wanted to make a separate posting here about Shetland itself because these have been some truly magical days ...  read more ...


Mark Kermode is one of my favourite people and his views on 3-D cinema (he thinks it's a con, largely being deployed to try to fight film piracy rather than because it makes films any better) are widely known - to the point where he could bore for England on it.  read more ...


I have been thinking some more about Eastern Promises which we watched last night and was one of my Christmas presents from Beth. ...  read more ...


Two of my Christmas presents were space exploration DVDs. Apollo 13 had been recommended to me by friends ...  read more ...


I'd like to tell you what a lot of useful things I did today ...  read more ...

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