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Buying a boat seems to be strangely like buying a house in that, having decided which boat to buy and had your offer accepted ... it all grinds to a halt. ...  read more ...


So the stressful thing that happened on Monday was that I spent some time discussing with the broker whether I could buy Katy Ann, the Westerly Konsort that Hugo and I went to see on Saturday...  read more ...


It's now been eight whole days since my last confession migraine so today seemed like a good time to start boat hunting again and Hugo and I went over to Ipswich to look at a couple. Well that was the plan ...  read more ...


I'm busy reading several years' back issues of Practical Boat Owner at the moment (thanks Hugo) and was thinking I should take out a subscription. As well as offering it in dead tree format it's available digitally for you to download. Wow, I thought, that would be cool. Except it's not.  read more ...


Only a few weeks after my last sailing adventure in Scotland I've just got back from another expedition up there. ...  read more ...


So after my somewhat foreshortened sailing trip what happened next you're asking?  read more ...


As some readers may know we've been away on holiday for the last couple of weeks. It was an interesting time for a variety of reasons so I'm going to write it up here. In parts.  read more ...

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