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Frülingsfest 2010

... and my pretzls get eaten, along with lots more from other bakers, pigs' knees, salads, sausages and roast chicken, sliced radish, gateau and lots more besides. Oh, and I think we might have drunk some bier too.


Today has been a day of walks. Milton Country Park remains shut, much to the annoyance of people like us who use it twice a day ...  read more ...


It was at Cambridge today for Marshall's 100th birthday. We were walking over at Quy Fen when it arrived ...  read more ...


Thrifty Car and Van Rental have been causing some amusement on the cam.misc news group this week. Their web site includes short descriptions of the towns from which to might want to hire cars.  read more ...


Yesterday I was back at King's for a Mathematic's Dinner. This seems to be a new ruse to get us back for dinner: by subject rather than year. ...  read more ...


... was my reaction on coming across this huge panda which currently is standing outside the front door of Borders in Cambridge...  read more ...


Another four trips across Cambridge by bus today, Reg Varney (RIP) would be proud. The only good thing that's come out of today is ...  read more ...

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