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You'll have to excuse me if I'm brief as the fall out from Wednesday's extraction is still leaving me somewhat sub-par. Yesterday after another poor night's sleep I was crap most of the day with a headache and a half and ended up back in bed mid-afternoon to try to sleep it off.  read more ...


I have posted this to social meeja in the past but it never does any harm to do it again. This is an excellent little video from Epilepsy Action explaining what to do if you come across someone having a tonic-clonic (aka "grand mal") seizure.  read more ...


Yesterday I'd been suffering from what I initially put down to being a migraine as the pain seemed to be on one side of my head but eventually I realised was toothache. Some probing and it was pretty clear it was the tooth I'd had capped off, rather than extracted as was the original plan, some months before.  read more ...


So today was meant to be a day of collections and deliveries: my new phone was due to be collected "some time between noon and 5pm" by UPS so it can be repaired and I was also due to take delivery ...  read more ...


Full on badness today, and unfortunately I had a meeting which we'd had real problems organising so I went anyway. Probably a mistake. ...  read more ...


For the first time in my life I appear to be the member of a political party ... well, sort of: I've signed up as a member of the National Health Action Party. Lead by two doctors, one of which is Dr Richard Taylor who was independent MP for Wyre Forest for two parliaments between 2001 and 2010.  read more ...


One of the joys of being on anti-seizure meds is that I can't drink a lot. Officially I'm not meant to drink at all but like many people with epilepsy I still drink a bit. The rule of thumb I use, based on comments from other sufferers, is a maximum of the equivalent of one pint of beer every other day. If it's a mild (or at least sub 4%) I'll stretch that to 1.5 pints.  read more ...

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