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Whenever I go off to see a doctor, consultant, or surgeon, I like to have a good idea of what will happen, or what they'll have in the Goodie Box. You know, have the answers to the questions, well the initial questions, before you ask them. Power and all that.  read more ...   (25/04/10)


Not so brave

The last couple of months I've been noticing my Humira shots aren't lasting the full two weeks. I'm starting to slide out of remission, despite being very careful with my diet I'm getting upset guts more often. I tried putting a brave face on it, going up to Scotland hoping it was just stress, hoping some good walks would sort me out. Except I've had less energy than I had in March. and having a dodgy tum whilst away is not much fun.  read more ...   (17/04/10)


Of snow and stuff

Is it really Monday the 16th already?! What an amazing time. I've had pretty good weather overall, a few poor days and some real stunners all mixed in. I've felt pretty good too. Not so dog tired as my last trip up here. And despite a big scare with my knee right at the beginning it's been awesome. The view from the top of a Munro in winter, with snow capped mountains, deep blue skys and even the odd fluffy cloud, still holds me spellbound. It's indescribable. Of course, getting to the top is only half the battle. One has to get home safely again, wherever home is that night. I was reminded of this on the last Munro; Meall nan Tarmachan, a slip and slide can happen so easily and whilst that one has only given me a sore shoulder, it could have been very different.  read more ...   (15/03/10)


Meall nan Tarmachan

The forecast was generally dry but with north-westerly winds gusting 40mph again. I looked at the map and hoped most of the usual Tarmachan route might be relatively sheltered. Getting out of the car the weather didn't seem promising with gusts rocking it alarmingly. I phoned Paul to whine at him pathetically.  read more ...   (14/03/10)


Ben Nevis

It was a mad idea... a very mad idea. Who thought up that one then?! Ben Lawers was dropped for Ben Nevis. Nancy was to be our guide as she's been up many times. "Crampons & ice axe? Nooo!" she said. I had them with me anyway. And I had my Microspikes to stick on Carin's boots should the need arise. I warned Carin it was going to be a very long day. Don't think she fully understood quite how tiring it was going to be...  read more ...   (10/03/10)


Beinn Narnain

Another stunningly beautiful day made better for the short but worthwhile company of Chris. It's amazing how you meet folk whilst out on the hills, some are grumps, but many are great and you find yourself chatting about hills and Life in general. And this is what happened.  read more ...   (08/03/10)


Too much snow... no really?!

As every kid, big or little knows, you can't have too much snow. No such thing. Well, ummm, hate to tell you but I did. You see I wanted to go and camp out at Ba cottage or Ba Bridge out on Rannoch Moor. It wouldn't be far from Glencoe ski centre where I could leave the truck overnight, and if all else fails I could walk out in the dark if I didn't like it. Ideal! That was the plan...  read more ...   (04/03/10)



Since coming back from Scotland I've been pretty tired. Not the completely exhausted, brain dead, shattered of old. Don't know why. My Crohn's has been surprisingly quiet so I don't think it's that. Possible that I did bring back a virus. Hope not.  read more ...   (10/02/10)


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