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Humira day

I've delayed this one for a day as my I've had the sniffles: what comes of interacting with non-local humanity in youth hostels. Yesterday my temperature was a bit higher than normal but last night and this morning it was back down to what I expect. So...   (03/02/10)



It's just one of those days. I seem to be tired and restless. Not exactly sure why. I did go for a Big Walk yesterday. And this morning we set the alarm for 7am so I could get up in time for me to wander to the doc's to make an appointment to see my GP.  read more ...   (11/01/10)



I've been wondering if it was doing anything for me: I found out today it has been. I forgot to take yesterday afternoon's dose. So having read the leaflet I didn't take two doses at the same time but just took the next as scheduled. Today my back aches from lower middle down to and across my Sacroiliac joints.  read more ...   (08/01/10)


Feeling well

I don't know if it's the Humira or what, but I've been feeling pretty good since my last posting. I've had energy to do a few things: I recently went for a Big Walk (an approx 10mile walk from home) two consecutive days, as fast as possible. A month ago it was taking a good 5 hours. Yet I pushed myself hard and came home in 3.5hours and then just under 4 the second day including taking Jake with me. And I wasn't too bad the next day. I certainly felt it. However, there wasn't that utter exhaustion of before.  read more ...   (05/01/10)


Wishful thinking?

The last couple of days I've felt pretty good. In fact I feel as if I'm getting some energy back! - I'm a long long way from being back to normal, but by 'eck it feels good.  read more ...   (28/12/09)



Four injections today, two at Addenbrooke's and two at home. I wouldn't say they were pain free but I wouldn't have described them as bee stings either. Kind of a click! and then a delayed reaction. Ah well. Only time will tell of course, it might get worse! So far so good on the side effects too. A bit of soreness at the injection site, a slight head-achy feeling. But no disintegrating into a Blob of Green Goo!  read more ...   (22/12/09)


A year, and a new era about to start

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the whole Crohn's thing kicking off, the 22nd of December 2008. I was sent to Addenbrooke's for an abscess to be lanced, and in the two days I was there, they looked at it and said I needed an operation, frightened the life out of me with all the things they might do, and did nothing. I saw a surgeon privately. Little did I know what was about to happen. The tally so far, to cut even a summary short, goes something like:

3 minor operations
2 colonoscopies
2 diets, 1 is ongoing
3 drugs for Crohn's, there has been others for the peripheral stuff
1 MRI - peripheral to Crohn's
1 other procedure "to have a look"
lots of blood tests
As well as numerous hospital visits. We started recognising, and being recongnised by, the staff at the Nuffield and Cambridge Lea's. Probably not such a great thing. I don't like hospitals much, even less when I'm feeling below par.  read more ...   (21/12/09)



The Addenbrooke's visit was fine. We met Fran who took an executive summary of my Crohn's history, asked if I would let them take some more blood for a genetics study, and talked to us about the Humira and the screening tests. And showed us the massive great self-injector pens. Lovely! Then sent us down to the phlebotomists for an armful of blood to be taken. I really hope they don't get lost as in the past I've had two lots of tests done there that have gone awry in some way enough that they have to be done again. My arms are only just recovering from the weekly tests done for the past 5 months or so. Avoiding more needles and delay would be good.  read more ...   (16/12/09)


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