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The Time Traveller's Wife


I've just finished The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger which is a remarkable book, being both a work of science fiction and a love story in one.

I'm pondering how much of the plot to reveal but I think the essence of it is obvious: he's a time traveller, she's not and you follow them through their lives over a great many years. The "science" aspect is pretty ropey and if you ask questions1 you will get annoyed but if you buy into the premise then it does make a weird and wonderful sense.

And it's beautifully told too. The split first person narrative follows a time line that makes chronological sense in terms of their relationship so you don't get too lost but events which are unexplained come back later when they become clear.

I'm now hoping she's not a one trick pony as Her Fearful Symmetry will be out in paperback just in time for my birthday and I'm hoping that she can pull off something equally fine as a second novel.

  1. For example, how come that every time he time travels he ends up on the surface of the Earth in roughly the same geographical location, despite the planet having moved considerably in the intervening time.

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