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A Fine Man


At a time when some people are applauding the actions of the appalling Raoul Moat I was struck by the words of PC David Rathband who was seriously injured by Moat when he was shot in the face and chest as he was sitting in his patrol car. Apparently he may lose the sight in both eyes. In a statement he said:

I bear no malice towards the man who shot me, but now wish to move on with my life.

My injuries are life changing. It will require significant adjustments in the future in all aspects of my life.

I enjoy my job as a police officer and I am totally committed to serving the public.

Although I face long-term treatment, I am determined to return to duty as a police officer.

When I first heard that read out on the radio I admit I was choked up. How he manages to take such a positive attitude after such a dreadful incident amazes me. A fine man.

Unlike Moat.

Written 14/07/10

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