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Last Thursday night Dougal the Discovery failed to start in the cold. The battery, which we bought in a rush when the last battery failed and we always thought was too small despite it being the one the local motor factor's catalogue claimed was the right one, couldn't cope with the cold.

However as it happened we already has it in hand as it had been sluggish starting on Tuesday so on Wednesday rather than struggling to prise a battery of the right size out of a local motor factor's hands Beth ordered a new Varta battery from Car Batteries Online who claimed to offer next day delivery on orders received before 3:30pm.

She ordered it late on Wednesday night so they will have processed the order Thursday morning and as promised it arrived, by post office van(!), on Friday morning. It was fully charged and ready to do. And it was the right size. We were very impressed. And their prices aren't bad either.

So I thought I'd mention them here in case you're looking for a battery too.

Written 30/11/10

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