5x12 pentomino tiling

All Saints' in Sun and Shade


The sun was out this October Sunday and so was I with the EX1 looking for a photo. I took this one earlier but there was a car in the way so I went back an hour later and took it again. Sadly I think the light on the church was better the first time but this one is better for the shade under the trees. The photographers among you will be whispering "dynamic range" as there's no way you should be able to see a thing in the shadows with that bright sky and church and you'll be right. But this is built from a stack of three images exposed at -2/0/+2EV using Beth's magic script1. I've not done any more processing after that at all.

  1. The EXIF data is from the 0EV image.

Tags: Milton, photos Written 07/10/12
File Name:SAM_1281_stacked.JPG
File Size:4604KB
Date/Time Taken:2012-10-07 13:04:50
Exposure Time:1/350s
F Number:f/6.7
Focal Length:5mm
Focal Length In 35mm Film:24mm

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